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Awake the Machines 8/6/10 in Rochester @ Dubland Underground

SickSound Productions and TechNoir Events Proudly presents:


Friday August 6th 2010 Rochester, NY

Featuring the following specimens:


Mike Sims – Syracuse, NY – (VinylBeat Productions, 1000Styles, Vibe 315)
Sean Place - Syracuse, NY- (4onthefloor Productions / Vinyl Beat Productions/ Funkstarz Music)
(Techno/Tech House)


Hailing from the city of Syracuse, New York, Mike has been a DJ for over 13 years. He has come up through the ranks to establish himself as one of the most sought out, and respected DJ's in his class as well throughout the New York State and surrounding areas. From his signature sounds ( which include: Funky / Tribal / Bass Driven Techno, Profound Tech-House Sounds and Jack and House sets) Mike's prestigious track selections and spot on mixing skills shine through like a beacon of light when it comes time for him to captivate the dance floor. Mike's first appearance on the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene was early 97' in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There he was taught the art of mixing and beat matching. He immediately took to this new craft and honed his DJ skills. It wasn't long after returning to New York before Mike had begun to make an impact. Promoters started to take notice and soon after, he began to embark on a trip that would land him performances with some of the finest DJ's and Live Acts in North America, and International Talent from multiple corners of the globe.

As founder and director of Vinyl Beat Productions, Sean Place, has made a large impact on the NY area in a short time. Working diligently as a DJ and promoter, Sean has pumped crowds week to week since 2001 entertaining on lineups with local and international talent. Sean's taste in music has been heavily influenced by early industrial and techno. Some examples include Underworld, Ministry, KMFDM, Orbital, Front Line Assembly, The Chemical Brothers, Revolting Cocks, Daft Punk, Moby, and various WaxTrax artists. The past couple of years have yielded great opportunities for Sean, such as playing at events like WMC (Winter Music Conference) in South Beach, Miami and at WEMF (World Electronic Music Festival) in Canada. Sean is also an occasional guest on the Intermission Transmission Radio Show Mondays on MiamiBeatz.com

V0ins - Oswego, NY- (Get Bent Productions)
(Minimal Techno-Acid Tech)


V0ins has been infecting dance floors with explosive sounds since early 2005. Growing up in a small town, he has been going against the grain from the beginning; pushing the envelope and bending the boundaries of his sound into a unique style not heard anywhere else. His sets are not to be missed. Only to be described as dirty, crunchy, heavy Techno, his style can range from Minimal Techno all the way up to Acid Tech. He maintains a consistent, driving sound throughout his sets. As his musical career continues to advance, he has already blown up dance floors in Canada, Miami, Burlington, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, Albany, and most commonly Syracuse. Working his way into music production, keep an eye out for original tracks by V0ins as he continues pushing the sounds of techno.

Acheron - Syracuse, NY- (SickSound Productions)
(Dark Minimal Techno)


Over the past 6 years, Acheron has become an underground favorite within the local scene. Playing events from Canada to Miami, Acheron brings his own mix of pounding bass and haunting melodies to the dance floor with a unique flare that sets himself apart from other locals. The Co-founder of SickSound Productions, he has been a part of every aspect of the scene. Playing music ranging from Dark Minimal Techno and Progressive House to Driving Electro, live performances become more a story than just a collection of tracks. Listen and enjoy the ride.

Lost Monster - Syracuse, NY
(Progressive House/Techno)


Lost Monster's philosophy: Size up the crowd and look at the clock before you choose your tracks. Is it time for balls-to-the-wall Psy-Trance? Mellow Progressive House? Or something else entirely? Whatever the consensus, Lost collects the energy of the crowd and sends it right back at them. It's a sight to behold. After five short years behind the decks Lost has played countless parties, including the final WEMF, and is now one of the most well-known DJs in Central New York. Other details are immaterial.

Bender – Syracuse, NY- (Get Bent Productions)
(Deep & Grimy Minimal Techno)


Moving up the world of EDM, Bender has been impressing people on the dance floor and giving them a reason to come back. His blend of crushing Techno places the crowd in a hypnotic trance of pure Techno heaven. A DJ for the past few years, he has supported the scene the entire time, any way he can. A member of Get Bent productions, he's a name that will surely gain more attention over the next few years.

Featuring the following specimens

In {The Dark City}:

Dharma Lab - Buffalo/Rochester, NY
(PsyTrance, Ambient, DownTempo, House)


Dharma Lab became something of a sensation in Western NY’s electronic music scene when the duo formed locally eight years ago. Elevating the practice of a traditional DJ to an art form, the duo adds invigorating live and improvised sound to the experience. The Oracle pounds out energetic tracks as the duo’s turntabilist and the Puppet Master astounds with maniacal skill on keyboard. Sometimes he acts the part of a pseudo-DJ himself, performing familiar piano snippets by artists as diverse as Faith No More and Beethoven. It’s not surprising that Dharma Lab stands as one of the area’s most successful electronic music exports, regularly headlining popular festivals and events throughout Southern Ontario.

DJ Darkwave –Rochester, NY
(EBM, Industrial, Electro- Vertex Nightclub)


DJ Darkwave has been making dark waves every Saturday at Rochester’s Club Vertex for about 10 years. Darkwave has been involved with Rochester’s local music scene for many years, also as a dj at Piranha (where The Club at Water Street stands today), and as an active member of the now defunct Cure cover band ‘Disintegration.’ His musical influences include, but are not limited to, Synthpop, EBM, trance, industrial and 80's new wave music. While juggling his dj career and his home life, he is also an events coordinator, hosting many live shows and working as visuals artist.

DJ Nekrotique-Rochester/Buffalo, NY- (TechNoir Events)
(Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, EBM)


Nekrotique is the founder of TechNoir Events, an events promotional team that caters to Western NY’s local industrial electronic music scene, which began in 2007 in Buffalo and has re-located to Rochester. After successfully running monthly events in Buffalo for 2 years, she began djing at the beginning of 2009 at TechNoir Events and other local events, including guest spots on Buffalo State College’s radio station WBNY 91.3FM. She has also thrown fashion shows, art shows, live band performances and has hosted after parties for concerts. She specializes in EBM and Rhythmic Noise, however, she has many musical tastes, as she began her journey into the electronic scene by attending raves back in 2000. She also enjoys Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro House and Trip Hop.

DJ Arcanum- Rochester, NY
(Dark Trance, Industrial)


Arcanum began fiddling with electronic instruments in 2003, and officially began djing in 2005 as an Industrial dj. Taking a break from music all together from 2006 to late 2008, Arcanum departed ways from Industrial music and began focusing on other styles of dark electronica. He is currently spinning at RIPROC events and trying to re-establish himself in music as a Dubstep DJ/Producer. For this event, he is re-visiting his roots in Industrial. He has performed in Toronto, Buffalo and Rochester.

315 Alexander St.
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 232-7550
Website: http://www.myspace.com/thedublandunderground

Visuals for The Dark City:
Provided by DJ DARKWAVE on film

Professional security will be on hand for the protection and safety of

Raffle Baskets for Charity:
All monies collected from the raffle will be donated to The Humane Society, Rochester, NY Chapter.

This event will be general admission.
Must be 18+ and show proper ID
Doors open at 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Please arrive early to avoid the lines.

$10 for 21+
$12 for Minors
No advance tickets or VIP passes.
Door price only.

DJ time slots and more info TBA

Hotels in the City of Rochester Include:

Hyatt Regency Rochester -
125 East Main Street, Rochester, NY - (585) 546-1234

Radisson Hotel Riverside Rochester -
120 East Main Street, Rochester, NY - (585) 546-6400

Strathallan Hotel -
550 East Avenue, Rochester, NY - (585) 461-5010
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